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Posted 2 days ago

So this just happened, massive adrenaline rush, more on this later!!

Posted 4 days ago

No car today

So I’ve taken a massive financial blow in my scale of things and have to sort out the body of the mr2. So I’m spending the cash and gonna change cars within a month.

Right now I’m taking the train to work and I feel pretty relaxed.

Posted 5 days ago

Just a dropped the car at the garage and walking the canal way home, motorway is out of shot.

Modernisation sucks sometimes.

Posted 1 week ago

The good and the bad

The hardest thing in life in my opinion is being able to take your own advice. Those of us who are good friends have often stuck by out pals during their tough times and we have dishes out loving and helpful advice to help them find the right path.

I’ve spoken about this before but sometimes you really need to stop and think about the bad situations that you may get into, and take a look from an outside perspective.

YOU must be you, and your situation must be like someone else’s. Free from your frustrations, and just you bring able to justify things realistically and come back down to the real world.

We shouldn’t be upset about the things we control because there isn’t anything we can do.

On the other hand, we shouldn’t even be upset about the things we CAN control, because we can change them!!

This weekend has been lame for me, and I feel so shitty and my short term goals have taken a hit which has pissed me off monumentally. However I can’t control it, and I’m not taking my own advice.

I guess in writing this to say to myself, “Luke, build a bridge and get the fuck over it, work harder, and things will fall into place”.

There, I said it.

Posted 2 weeks ago

Awesome! I’d like to thank my fans, and the band for being so awesome, oh yeah and my dad.

Posted 2 weeks ago

Ugh feelings suck for me, I get overwhelmed by all my feelings. If in happy I’m super happy, if in sad in super sad.

Feel fine now, but in overthinking so I’m really overthinking lol.

Posted 3 weeks ago

Made an NY cheesecake this weekend, raspberry and creme fraiche suace to go with it pretty awesome.

Feel obese now.

Posted 3 weeks ago

Becky doesn’t like being out with me

Posted 3 weeks ago

Yesterday, my brother asked me to be the best man at his wedding.

I couldn’t be happier, now I gotta plan a stag do in Poland ha!

Posted 3 weeks ago

I’ve blogged a lot today. Music can really affect my mood, been listening to a Bon iver album and it’s making me sad and think of beck.

Thank god she’s home with me tomorrow, very much in love lately :) haha.

Posted 3 weeks ago

Career day - update

Some pretty awesome news after an informal chat with someone in work.

Turns out my meeting in work has gone well, and they want to formally interview me for a bigger role, hopefully in London, and hopefully starting at 22k, I hope!!

Very excited, things are looking well.

Posted 1 month ago

Sport relief

It’s on TV, I listen to radio 1 every morning and evening during my commute to work. A few of the hosts were on then and I just saw a “strictly come dancing” special with paralympians.

One of the Paralympic champions is a survivor of the 7/7 bombings in London and every time I hear her story it breaks my heart.

I shouldn’t get this distraught but I so because people like her really have suffered real trauma and my own life really has no grounding compared to theirs.

Just a small moment of sadness, I have to go and meet my brother now for drinks, another part of my totally insignificant plain jane lucky and oh so lucky life.

Posted 1 month ago


Man I need to reduce my body fat by 2 or 3 percent.

Posted 1 month ago

Productive day

Good meeting with the big guy, literally.

Some very bad news on the way if the situation doesn’t change however…

Posted 1 month ago

Career day

Today I am having a meeting with a man that will help further my career.

Wish me luck.